Yucca Publishing is the brainchild of the staff at International Transactions, a literary and licensing agency for over forty years. As the publishing business goes through the transition associated with electronic and free-flowing media outlets’ birth and gestation – in much the same way the music industry and film and television industries did before – it became clear that traditional publishers’ capability of investing in new and innovative content was diminishing in direct proportion to the development of new media outlets. As the publishing industry morphs somewhat slowly forward to meet new public delivery imprimaturs and increased demand for variety there was an opportunity for a new type of publishing entity, one that nurtured exciting new talent and fed a constant stream of excellence, interest and, well, just plain entertainment, to the developing marketplace. And so Yucca Publishing was born.

Like the music industry and especially like the television industry changing from broadcast to cable and satellite feed and the myriad of channels that were created –the publishing industry must be set on a course of increasing platforms, innovative distribution parameters and, never least, an almost insatiable demand by readers for content that excites, enthralls, amuses, nurtures and, above all, gives voice to new exciting talent and output. To fail to deliver content to that demand is to invite obsolesce. So, we at Yucca Publishing have aimed to break away from the traditional business model and unleash some wonderful new books for readers to revel in.

We make no pretense we have got this 100% right – yet. But we are learning and, with our partner Skyhorse Publishing and their distribution and publishing strength, we have an exciting release schedule of twenty titles a year ranging from Fiction to Non-Fiction, from illustrated to Middle Grade, from Young Adult to Science Fiction. The genre and age labels do not matter that much to us here; quality, entertainment, and fresh voices do.